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Lamborghini Urus SUV

Lamborghini’s head of design, Folippo Perini, said the Lamborghini Urus concept is at least 90 per cent production ready and is likely to go on sale towards the end of 2016.
“If you drive a Urus you must have the same reaction that you have with any Lamborghini. Reaction means acceleration, cornering, precise driving experience and the braking” Reggiani said.
Lamborghini’s limited two-model line-up is proving a difficult challenge for a company providing super-luxury goods amidst growing economic uncertainty in its home continent. For that reason, it must expand its reach and hence launch a new worldwide model. In countries like China, India and Russia, the Gallardo and Aventador are not as successful as the company may have hoped; this is mainly because of the poor road conditions limiting their appeal but also due to the popularity of SUVs. In India for example, 90 per cent of all Porsche sales are the Cayenne SUV. Lamborghini sees a natural progression into the SUV segment to meet the demand of its current and new customers.

The Lamborghini SUV will aim to be at the absolute top of its class in terms of Performance, according to Reggiani. Lamborghini is expecting to outdo not just the Bentley SUV but also the next-gen Cayenne and upcoming Maserati SUV in performance credentials.