18 Ocak 2013 Cuma

Moschino launches its Fall/Winter 13-14 collection for Kids at Pitti Bimbo!

 A bright red double decker bus from Great Britain filled with quotes stops at Moschino for the Moschino Baby Kid Teen Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 collection!
 An elegant, sophisticated atmosphere involves the predominant use of tartan, a fabric used throughout the collection in both classically styled pieces and in fresh interpretations of English college uniforms. Different colors are used: from classic red, lord green and navy blue to unexpected shades like flame orange and cream.
 The British influence is also expressed in the details for an elegant touch of style: patchwork cardigans and dresses that recall the comforting country atmosphere of the English countryside, historical references with the Union Jack inlay printed on baby clothes and t-shirts that exude rock, inspired by the London punk movement.

 A child discovers her vain side with romantic dresses, sweaters with printed and inlaid hearts that create unique pockets and maxi t-shirts with vanity pin-ups. Little girls “make themselves up” with make-up prints, offered on circle skirts, cotton sateen pants and down jackets, sacks and rompers with eyeshadow palettes and the slogan “Make Up Your Life!”

 From an urban setting to nature. Maxi prints: a tiger, a funny camel wearing a pearl necklace and a friendly, dolled-up teddy bear with the cartoon “Fur for Fun.” A love of nature is declared with the “I love Animals” top with a spotted heart, the sweatshirt with a small teddy bear in a frame or the sweatshirt with ears on the hood for a perfect baby/teddy bear connection!

 The collection is rounded out with pieces bearing the peace symbol, an icon of the Moschino world, paired with sporty pants… Exclusively for people who love to feel free with a “peace and sport” look.