18 Temmuz 2013 Perşembe

Karl Lagerfeld designs Dirndl

In his collections for Chanel Karl Lagerfeld shows again turn into modern designs and a creative vision of fashion's great ability, distinguished Diche cultural influences and impressions from the world. Now the designer has proven that he can also use his German roots as inspiration.

Lagerfeld himself so thoroughly and North German Hanseatic, has adopted the most famous of all garments from southern Germany: the dirndl. From his work on the classic dress shape is so far known only one sketch. This has called Lagerfeld "The Punk Dirndl" and the design makes its name: The dress is completely black, it has a particularly large ruffles and is combined with Gothic-like necklace and earthy lace-up boots.

Since the autumn fast approaching and the Oktoberfest - incidentally, the 180th in its history - it is practically right around the corner, so Karl has also once again proved his business acumen. It should be on sale this extremely Bavarian capsule collection from September 2013 "Karl Lagerfeld" store in Berlin and Munich in the store of "Karl Lagerfeld", which - suitable for the launch of the Dirndl collection - scheduled to open in September.

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