25 Şubat 2014 Salı


'Fade to Grey'

Shades of light and shadow, fade to grey. Flannel fabric is the symbol of this colour, reinterpreted in garments that are typical of the Armani style, but with an unusual sense of proportion.

The new ankle-length slim-fit trousers have pleats that soften the front. The new jacket is rounded and re-proportioned. Forms take on an unprecedented aspect to express a new concept of individuality, comfort, sense of colour and processing of materials.

The flannel is softened and treated until it becomes nearly impalpable, like tulle, and features exquisite embroidery for eveningwear. Even the accessories are covered with flannel, like the boots and army boots that strongly complement trousers, or alternatively, the soft shorts that
resemble skirts.

Flashes of lime add a sense of drama to grey and black, as with the macro-eyelets seen in jackets, pea coats and coats. The lime-coloured stones featured on embroidery for eveningwear are mixed with stones with a flannel-like effect with light veining. Every detail emphasises a liberation from rules and constrictions.

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