9 Ekim 2012 Salı

Cadillac Celebrates 110 Yrs with this Limited Edition Book

Cadillac is celebrating its hundred and tenth anniversary in association with Assouline books – a premier publishing house for luxury books since 1994. This book will feature two hundred photographs encompassing the history of this iconic, stylish automobile company. The Cadillac has been an integral part of popular culture as well, ensuring that this book caters to the diverse interests of people and not limiting itself to just car lovers across the globe.

This collectible, chronicles the evolution of the Cadillac from its establishment in 1902 to the brand new ATS expected in 2013. The far reaching impact of this car in the worlds of fashion, art and film is also illustrated in this book by its emphasis on each of these genres. The impact could be conspicuously noticed in the arena of fashion through Prada, with its Cadillac design–inspired shoe, in art through Andy Warhol’s pieces of art which emphasized the Cadillac motif, as well as in the domain of films through the hit song “Pink Cadillac” by Bruce Springsteen.

Assouline Publishing, a company which has one thousand luxury books to its credit, will publish a limited edition of five hundred copies of this book in a black slipcase along with a metal plaque. For luxury book lovers, this limited edition retelling of a remarkable history is a must have for your book shelf.