19 Nisan 2013 Cuma

Chione By Zeynep Tunuslu

Zeynep Tunuslu, Chione models stand out for the brand of romanticism "Dream Gardens"(Düş bahçeleri) is prepared in a bridal collection.

 "Dream Gardens" concept, 30-track collection forms a three-dimensional flowers, lace, tulle heavy use of crystal stones, shaded tones, transparent effects, shiny and voluminous forms, tampering and majestic ridge lines are perfectly simple and stands out, as well as downtime. Chione prepared for the brand with a collection of neo-classical line appeals to brides who like romantic and vintage style to.

Zeynep Tunuslu designs has made its name in the fashion world for many years, "Dream Gardens" for the first time not only focused on the collection of wedding dresses signed. Outside of the usual forms exhibiting a collection of such simple models is weight.Collection "Dream Gardens" is because the name of the administration, the secret source of inspiration for fashion designer.

 Zeynep Tunuslu, for the collection hidden, secluded and dimly imagine a forest fairy girls from the journey, he said. Models, notably the small flowers, tulle, floaters ... None too heavy or do not like will not be moved.