4 Temmuz 2013 Perşembe



 More than a color, a sensation. A feeling, an impression of a sensual lightness. 
 A pale and faint tone, like pearlescent skin, peau d'ange.

 An effect of light and transparency is achieved through crinoline. Cut into strips, this extraordinary fabric which has regal origins, is embellished with especially created lace, fringed and encrusted with Swarovski crystals that shine like drops of ice. Circle after circle, one on top of the other, crinoline builds sculptured and delicate shapes, in one instance reaching a record width for the bottom of a skirt - which sways gently with every step - of 47 meters.

 Almost as if it has been conceived in the absence of gravity, the collection – completely and beautifully hand-crafted – appears like a gust of tulle, organza and crinoline. Even the shoes seem to leave the foot unrestrained. Lace-lined coats are voluminous and slide languidly off the shoulder. Soft jackets in processed silk reinterpret Giorgio Armani’s androgynous look. A spray of black feathers around the neckline frame the face like a jewel.