5 Ekim 2012 Cuma

nail trend

 The main focus for nails come fall will be looks that are kept dark, with hues ranging from black to red and navy, and while dark nails are favored, lighter hues of whites, cremes and muted ranges are also grabbing attention. Pop-art seems to also be huge this nail season, with styles being updated with textures and designs that are unique and avant-gard keeping by-standers on the edge of their seats.
Dark Hues
 From navy, to black and blood red, nails have taken a very dark turn this season.
 Light Nails
If dark nails aren't your thing, step into the lighter side of things. Try hues ranging from white, cream to muted and nude.
Top Nail trends for the Fall 2012 and 2013 Winter season. For the glamor girl who keeps her nails fresh and trendy, I'm sure you're quite ready for the latest nail trends for fall.. Over the past few seasons, nail-art and nail designs have really taken the beauty world by storm with trends such as press-on designs and pre-made nail stripes allowing everyone an upper-hand in the nail game. With so many new innovative ways to keep your nails always looking fab we bet you can't wait to see what trends will soon be turning everyone's heads.